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Recently, distortion and innovation of super aging society can not be done in Japan,Youth unemployment / difficulty in finding employmentEvery time I heard the news, I was the General of the US Army (Marshal), the GHQ Supreme CommanderDouglas MacArthur(Douglas MacArthur) 's famous "Old soldiers never die; they just fade away." Comes to mind.

The true meaning of this word ... Movie is a MacArthur 71 year old speech (AP Archive).

(31 Dec 1951) General MacArthur Comes Home Fired from his post as UN Commander by President Truman, General Douglas MacArthur returns to the first time in 14 years. At the San Francisco airport, he and his family are greeted by huge throngs In Washington DC, MacArthur speaks to a jammed joint session of Congress, his touching valedictory made memorable by a quote from an old barracks ballad: "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away".

MacArthur was proudly singing the fighting song (YouTube) of "Old soldiers never die" during the young soldier era full of dreams and hopes.
On my own youth, at the forefrontScatteringI became myself to the old soldier singing as "old old soldier" without doing anything. If so, I do not want to stay on the front line like the lyrics I want to quietly draw on. To sayHumilityIt is a word used with the meaning of.

It is a fighter song "Old Soldiers Never Die".

The song of "Old soldiers ..."
A young soldier "There is no turn for the elderly people. They never die in the fight, they just disappear. It is ours to fight at the forefront and to spread.It is a fighting song (caricature song) that sings with the feeling of singing.

Also on the following site, its interpretation was published.

Youth is not a temporary period of life but a way of thinking.

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