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South Vietnam Army and North Vietnamese Army engaged on June 8, 1972, South Vietnamese Air Force aircraft dropped Napalm bullets,Kim HookMr. livesChamberHe receives an air raid (YouTube video)

At this time, photographs of Mr. Kim Hook who was 9 years old (then) girl who escaped naked with the escaped villagers (Vietnamese cameraman of AP communication,Fin · Kong · UtoShooting) was entitled "Fear of War" and was delivered to the whole world.

This picture that shocked the world,Pulitzer Prize in 1973When,1973 World Press Photo Grand AwardWe have won.

Remember the little girl running naked in the iconic Vietnam war photo? Well this is her today... / Joe Mcnally

Remember the little girl running naked in the iconic Vietnam war photo? Well this is her today ... / Joe Mcnally

Mr. Kim Hook got severe burns with this air raid, and although I made up my mistake, I have received 17 operations since then. At that time that saved her this timeUK · ITNI am TV reporter Christopher Wayne (video: pouring water on burns).

Married in 1992, now it is the mother of 2 children. With a Vietnamese husband Ajax near Toronto in Canada (Ajax) I live with my family in a town. In 1999Publish autobiographySince 1997, it is also UNESCO's goodwill ambassador.

In 1997, she was a member of the Kim Hook Foundation (USA) who aimed for medical and mental support for children who were victims of war in the United StatesKim Foundation International) Has been established.

Kim Hook believes that peace is promoted by that famous photo that conveys misery and cruelty of war.

(Additional note 24/06/2017)ITN SourceYour YouTube channel has been deleted (War in Vietnam - Napalm dropped on Vietnamese village)
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War in Vietnam - Napalm dropped on Vietnamese ... Contributor PShowBiz

June 8, 2012. The same day 40 years from perfectly after that picture was taken. A dinner commemorating the 40th anniversary is held for Mr. Kim Hook and her "heroes". The following Hanama Magon's notebook ""Napalm Girl" -4 in the Vietnam WarPlease look at.

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