Asia Ramazan Antar (Asia Ramazan Antar), a 20-year-old Kurdish female soldier who has been picked up in media around the world, became clear in the battle this month at the front line of the Kurdish front . Mr. Antar was killed in an explosion and died as it was trying to prevent attack by a suicide bomber by ISIS at the front line of the Kurdo front.

Asia Ramazan Antar (2015) / Kurdishstruggle

Asia Ramazan Antar (2015) / Kurdishstruggle

Mr. Antar, from 2014Kurdish people's defense corpsKurdish female soldier who joined Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Unit (YPG)Facebook (YPG)A photograph carrying a machine gun posted on was attracted attention and it gained popularity as a Kurdish faction Angelina Jolie (actress) by all means.
This video is talked by superiors, parents and friends, with video, photos of her, photographs and funeral appearances.

Islamic State are afraid to see women with gunsMr. Ceylan Ozalp (19 years old), a teenage Kurdish woman soldier who attracted attention in the appearance of BBC News, was surrounded by ISIS on September 29, 2014, isolated and ammunition exhausted, living and being caught by ISIS Fearing, I committed suicide with a handgun that told my friends "goodbye" wirelessly and left bullets.

"Diren" (Beautiful, Anti-ISIS, Female Kurdish Fighter) / YouTube

Kurdish female soldiers with guns that Muslim countries fear

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