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On 20th March, the UN Research Institute for Global Earthquake announced the latest "World Happiness Report 2017", "Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)" established by the United Nations and Columbia University, USA.

It started five years since 2012. 2016 (World Happiness Report 2016), Denmark was number one and Japan was number 53.

In 2017, Norway is ranked 1st, Denmark 2nd, Iceland 3rd, Below is Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden for 155 countries, covering 155 countries.

In major countries (2016), the United States is 14th (13), Germany 16th (16), UK 19th (23), France 31st (32), Italy 48th (50). The president impeached Korea was ranked 56th. Japan is ranked 51st (53) and it is the lowest in 7 advanced countries (G7).

This happiness ranking is based on per capita gross domestic product (GDP: blue green), social support (orange), healthy life expectancy (red), freedom to make life choices ), Tolerance (Generosity: green),Absence of corruption(Perceptions of corruption: purple),Dystopia+ Residual value (Dystopia (1.85) + Residual: gray) is integrated.

Japan's low happiness ranking is lower in "tolerance / green" and "absence of corruption / purple" than in the top countries, and "fictitious country distantpia (1.85)" reflecting the values ​​of the country, + Residual value / gray "is extremely low.
Social constraints such as education, employment, working way andGender disparity (World No. 111)I think that the fact that children's poverty, an aging society, aging population, population declines and concerns about living, self-fulfillment, dreams, etc. are increasing tends to lower "happiness degree".

Ranking of Happiness 2014-2016 /

World happiness ranking 2018 (World Happiness Report 2018) Japan 54th

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