9 years old Jacob Thompson-kun, the stage 4NeuroblastomaI have been diagnosed and treatment is impossible. I celebrate Christmas early this year.

A hospital where Jacob is hospitalized on 12th November (Maine Medical Center), Santa Claus and Mrs. Close visited early. Also, with the cooperation of the aquarium, Jacob was able to meet directly with the favorite penguin and touched it.

Jacob and his family are so very thankful that Santa and Mrs. Claus were able to join us for Christmas today. / Facebook

9-year-old Jacob Thompson wants the last Christmas card

Although I wanted a Christmas card, more than 66,000 cards received from all over the world arrived,Facebook"I like you" is over 22,000 people.

Local FM radio station (949 WHOM) Seems to start a request for Christmas song at this time. This year, I heard that Jacob Thompson firstly broadcasted the christmas music he chose. Jacob and his parents heard a lot of songs,Trans and Siberian Orchestra"Christmas Eve Sarajevo December 24" was chosen. He especially focused on singing "Carol of the BellThat is to say that I like the part.

Carol of the Bell was a chorus song for Christmas composed by Ukrainian priest Mykola Leontovych (1877-1921), and it also flowed as an inserted song in the movie Home Alone released in 1990.

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