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Black Panther(Black Panther)Marvel StudioIt is a super hero movie of the United States produced and distributed by Disney. "Marvel Comics"Black Panther" live-action movie making work, but it has become a work with many different topics.

First of all, Marvel's first black super hero alone work, directorRyan KooglerBeginning, to appearChadwick Bozeman,Michael B. Jordan,Rupita Nyongo,Angela BassettAlmost everyone else is black.Rolling Stone magazine"Diversity has not been recognized for many years, but it will change that situation," he says.

A group called "Defeat the Disney's franchise and its fans" is a major critic siteRotten tomato (Rotten Tomatoes)And start exercising on Facebook to criticize 'Black Panther'. The organization said that Disney manipulated criticsDC comic movieHe insisted that he had written a bad review about his work and called for trying to make the audience review a criticism as its retribution. Rotten tomato announces the statement "We can quickly delete their comments as we can not tolerate hate speech." Facebook also deleted the page of the group and commented that "we are against the hate speech and bullying and neither can do on our platform."

A lot of movie people cast doubts on simplifying and quantifying film criticism,Director Martin Scorsese"For a serious film maker, these sites are full of enmity, sometimes told by the name Rotten Tomato (rotten tomato) to be humiliating."

The new hero is a young king Ti Chala, another name is a jet black hero "Black Panther". His mission with two faces is to protect the secret of the homeland super civilized nation Wakanda "the virginium with the power to destroy the world". It seems that it is becoming a high-speed action entertainment where a mysterious new hero moves. Box earnings are also drawing attention from previous reputation.

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