On February 13, in order to make the Internet experience on mobile terminals faster and more comfortable, Google has developed an open source framework Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)Announced to introduce Gmail.AMP projectIs planning to deal with Gmail in the latter half of 2018 by formulating "AMP for Email" which extends the function for e-mails.

Share your availability with Doodle / Google

In the mail from the free service "Doodle" of the schedule adjustment, you can apply by selecting the event participation date in the mail without opening the Web page (such as attendance service) (^ ^)

Browse and save your favorite items in Pinterest / Google

Pinterest (Pinterest) allows you to check your favorite items on e-mail, select them and save them. At Booking.com you can check not only the photos of the hotel on the e-mail, but also check the latest availability. It seems to be useful (^ ^) Since this "AMP for Email" can update interactively and information more easily in the mail in the mail, it seems that a new funny way to use AMP mail will also be expanded ^ ^ )

View hotel rooms and up-to-date deals on Booking.com / Google

In order to use Developer Preview version "AMP for Email" with Gmail, you can sign up by accessing below.

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