Living in London, freelance film director Toby Meakins(Tobey · Meakins) 's short horse 9.5 floor (FLOOR 9.5) is interesting. Two-minute short horror project for Halloween "Bite Size HorrorIt is a work produced as.

FLOOR 9.5 / Toby Meakins

A woman who works at midnight and comes home will take the elevator. Time starts to fall from 15th floor around 0 o'clock. The elevator display stops between the 10th floor and the 9th floor, where a man asks for help but ...
Horror ShortWork (Tags: Horror)Is a favorite genre, a workPlot (story)It is condensed, and it is most suitable for video distribution (VOD) and smartphone viewing. Also, as a 2 minute advertisement, the image will improve as a leading company supporting creative (^ ^)

The director is Toby Meakins, the script is Simon Allen, the cast is Robin Berry (Georgina Campbell), Georgina Campbell, and James Cunningham.

FLOOR 9.5 from Toby Meakins on Vimeo.

A Collector repairs a vintage cine camera unlocking the hidden terror of LOT 254.

LOT 254 from Toby Meakins on Vimeo.

RiceFox Television (Fox), Known for such as M & M (M & M 'S) and SnickersMars (MARS)Collaboration. You can watch 4 Bite Size Horror projects planned and produced as promotional advertisements for Halloween season.

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