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Gravity chopsticks where the tip floats when placing chopsticks (Gravity Chopsticks®)'s idea was born in trouble with the place of "chopsticks" when we were eating at a restaurant, said Dan Tran (San Diego) residing in San DiegoDang Tran) Is speaking.

Even if the cross section of the grip part of chopsticks is placed as a rectangle, it does not roll and it is designed to be thinner to the tip. The biggest feature of this chopstick is that the tip part floats when placed,Chopstick restraintThere is no need to use chopsticks hygienically anywhere.

In Japan, since the culture of "chopstick rests" is common sense, I feel the idea and design of this "gravity chopsticks" is interesting (^ ^) Moreover, it has a simple chopsticks with chopsticks culture and no chopstick culture I think like a design. Did America's rationality create it? (Lol)

The first "gravity chopsticks" was expensive at 59.95 dollars (about 6,500 yen) because it sticks to aluminum materials, but "Gravity Chopstick 2.0" is cheap as $ 5.95 (about 650 yen). This GC 2.0 has adopted a seamless design, material, manufacturing technology, it corresponds to washing with a dishwasher without impairing quality, and it states that it is optimum for everyday life.

Gravity Chopsticks 2.0: Levitate your eating experience / Dang Tran

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