Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation(Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Microsoft's presidentBill GatesFounded in 2000 by his wife Melinda and the world's largest charity fund organization. In 2006Warren BuffettThe scale has doubled due to his $ 30 billion donation. In the annual letter announced on February 13, "I will answer as frankly as I can, so I hope that you will be optimistic just like we are when you finish reading" I am talking.

Tough questions with Bill & Melinda Gates / YouTube

The sixth question "What influence does President Cardinal's policy have on the activities of the Foundation?" I am worried about "the world first view of the United States First" because the United States It does not mean that you should not take care of your people.The problem is "How can you do it best?" I believe that it has historically proven that all people, including Americans, will benefit by deeply engaging and cooperating not to draw hands from the world situation. Even if we measure the policy of the government with only the benefits that Americans receive, I think that facing the world is a prudent investment. "

Mr. Melinda also wishes that "When the current president speaks and tweets, it wishes more respectful respect to people, especially women, equality is an important national principle, each individual's dignity Is part of the American spirit regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.The president shows the model and is responsible for improving the status of all Americans through statements and policies. " It is. The Japanese version of the annual letter can be read from the following.

In the YouTube video, Bill Gates explains to the question "Is it possible to save children's lives and lead to excessive population?"

Gates and business leaders set up a clean energy technology investment fund

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