Free skating of the Pyeongchang Olympic girl figure skating will be held at Gangneung Ice Arena and the medalist will be decided on 23rd February. In the short program, I participate from Russia with individual qualificationEvgenia MedvedevaTook the world's highest score of 81.61 and then slipped laterArena Zagitova(Alina Zagitova) has rewritten 82.92 points, which is the highest score in the world in the past, and has rewritten the record. (Additional note: Mr. Zagitoi gold medal, Medvedeva silver medal)

Alina Zagitova "Tough child" 2017 Documentary / FSinsider

There is much debate over the performance of the 15-year-old Arena Zagitoa's past world's highest score. Mr. Zagitowa told Russian media that "I got a world record ?! I did not know that it was good that such a result came out.Is my sliding program is the most difficult in the world, so slide it perfectly high It only seems to add a score ". I think that there is a stupid arena (15 years old) there.

Russia is traditionally the most powerful figure skating kingdom, but a documentary depicting the secret of strength is also being produced. As figure skating is a game where "art" and "sports" coexist, I think that it is unlikely that opinions can be divided to some extent. I think that it is difficult to objectively score "art" itself.Scoring for figure skating(Wikipedia) has also been revised, but I think like an eternal task.

When seeing 15-year-old Zagitoi's "documentary" and the picture that accurately acts a difficult jump, even with that smile or crying face is drawn to "pure beauty" beyond commercial speculation I will excuse you. I also feel the wonderfulness and eternal possibilities of people (^ ^)

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