Millennium Falcon(Millennium Falcon, Known as Falcon) is an imaginary spaceship with captain Han solo appearing in the movie Star Wars series. There is a synonym of "the fastest galaxy of the Galaxy" from its cluttered appearance that does not suit performance with its excellent high speed power.

The Falcon number at the original plan stage is a slim stick shapePropGeorge Lucas also co-authoredEagle of "space 1999"It was not convinced because it resembled, so after several redesigns it seems that Lucas was determined based on the sketch which flashed by seeing "pizza" at lunch with ILM staff.

Star Wars Bedroom: Millennium Falcon / Dericrw

"Star Wars" mania, together with his father and his family, has made the "Star Wars" bedroom (the size of the twin bed). Dericrw of imager (imgur) user is publishing the room, it is talked about. In my dream it seems to be able to enjoy the world of "Star Wars" dramatically (^ ^)

Akira Kurosawa is said to be a falcon number called "garakuta" in the world thoroughly dirty expression as director Akira Kurosawa appreciated "This film is dirty", so Prop is put in a particularly flashy expression It is. This Falcon No. is faithfully reproducing "dirty" and it is wonderful. This room is unified with the world view of "Star Wars" from LED color switching lighting to walls and interior. This room seems to have fulfilled my dream with my son (laugh)

Star Wars Bedroom: Millennium Falcon / Dericrw

Lucas Museum in Los Angeles, completion is completed in 2020

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