In the Syria where the civil war continues, the East Guta area near Damascus, the capital city, is under attack by government troops as a dissident region of dissidents. A 15-year-old boy living in the same district publishes videos on its social media reporting the local devastation by herself. The purpose is to record what is going on in Syria and tell the world.

مرحبا أيها الشعب ال أمر يكي هذا شبيه بما حصل لاوربا قبل 80 عاما انقذونا ولاتكونوا كباقي العالم الغوطة / muhammad najem

Muhammad Nazem (Muhammad najem) who lives in the East Guta area publishes videos of the bombed city on Twitter and YouTube with self-portrait video. "Because of the Asado administration and bombing by Russia (to support it), the children of Guta are dying every day." In another movie, Nagem, who stood on the roof of the building in the echo of the explosion in the distance, is complaining that "your silence will kill us."

Mr. NajemIn response to CNN's interview, "people should know everything that is happening in Syria". "I want to continue my studies, I want to become a reporter when I grow up."

On Saturday, February 24, the United Nations Security Council delivered humanitarian assistance to Syria and resolved a humanitarian ceasefire of 30 days to convey heavy sick and injured in Tohnoguta. We requested all parties to stop the military conflict for at least 30 days without delay in adopting the resolution. However, according to Zide Raad Al Hussain, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the air strikes to the East Guta area are still continuing on the morning of 26th.

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