On February 27, Europe suffered from a cold wave from Siberia, which resulted in severe chilling in a wide range. The beach with palm trees is covered with snow, and attention is given to homeless people and elderly people. In the Arctic circle it is a record high temperature, but at least 24 people have died together in the cold wave Europe in the past 4 days. FrenchCorsicaAnd ItalyCapriIt is snowing even in the temperate Mediterranean region such as.

In Italy in Rome it became heavy snow for the first time in 6 years, snowmaking sightseeingColosseumIt seems that some people made snowball fights and snowmen in front of them.

Rome was covered in snow today! Report via Red Climatica Mundial / Facebook

Poland said on Wednesday night temperatures in Warsaw in the capital fell below freezing to 16 degrees Celsius, at least five people died alone. Since November last year, 53 people have been killed by the cold wave by the country. The vast majority of the victims since February 23 were homeless people, three in France, three in the Czech Republic, and one in Italy. Emergency shelters and relief supplies are provided throughout Europe.

CroatiaAn island floating in the south, the Adriatic Sea "Brac Island"It is a video of road maintenance in winter which is quite unusual due to snowfall. Snow on the island is very rare. Of course there are no snow-removing vehicles, so we decided to devise our own measures to prevent snow such as snow removal by tractor and spraying "salt" on the road.

Capital city of CroatiaZagrebSo, there was a nice article to provide help for "troubled people" and "neighbors" against this big cold wave.

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