MIT'sComputer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)of Jeffrey LiptonMr,Adriana SchulzThe team also announced the robot system which incorporates AI (artificial intelligence) also in the world of carpentry work called AutoSaw (automatic saw blade). Every year, in woodworking work, both professional and amateur hurt hands and fingers, doing dangerous work such as sawing. It is an interesting research theme to automate dangerous work by human hand at low cost.

PhD student Adriana Schulz was co-lead on AutoSaw, which lets nonexperts customize different items that can then be constructed with the help of robots. / Jason Dorfman, MIT CSAIL

"Robots have already enabled mass production, but using AI (artificial intelligence) there is the possibility of realizing customization and personalization with everything we produce," said the director of CSAIL of Daniela Rus"He says.

Compared with conventional CAD systems of furniture and woodworking machines controlled by computer, the features of the AutoSaw system are as follows.
1. We have selected interfaces that can be easily customized by amateur users, software that selects from many templates designed by experts, and software that automatically simulates and verifies load capacity and deformation etc.
2. Depending on the scale, it is very expensive depending on the scale, and for industrial CNC machine tools and industrial robot arms requiring skill in operation, a general tool such as a circular sawing machine + a combination of a small and inexpensive self-propelled robot To automate it at low cost.
3. By combining common tools and self-propelled robots, we can handle work at the construction site without being bound by places.

The research theme is to bring "Mass customization" made possible by 3D printers into the field of furniture and woodworking, making it easy to create custom furniture with high thresholds. Although it is still a primitive system, it is an interesting research that you can imagine safe and personalized "DIY world" in the near future (^ ^)

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