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On February 23, journalist Shogori Ito and a blogger / writer, Mr. Hachiyu, got a business conference "MASHING UP"I participated in. I am talking about the preparedness until the two people accuse the damage and what actually happened after the accusation. In the second part, we introduce the actual situation of prevention of harassment in Japan that is likely to bias workers, personnel affairs and perpetrators to prevent sexual harassment.
We encourage the parties themselves to disseminate information and read them.

The theme of MASHING UP is Unleash Yourself (let's unleash ourselves). "Sex, age, race, beliefs - There are times when various categories that decorate us create heavy pressure of customs and tacit consciousness, unconsciously," You must do this ". Among them, it is not easy to find new possibilities and options. " We are also looking forward to the diversity and development of the place where each person discovers "what I want" and sends out.

Japan also included the "tacit consent", "standard", "norm", etc. of society that finally had been established in the period of rapid growth after "low birthrate, aging population", "population decrease" and "lost 20 years" ,Cooperative associatism (corporatism: Corporatism)I think that it is recognized that the development of 21st century society, economic growth and labor productivity are hindered. It takes time to change the social structure, but I would like to support and support the diversity of activities across fields.

Taking a talk event thinking about harassment with Shiori Ito / Halloween

The photo is from left, Mr. Ha Aku (Ito Haruka), Shoori Ito, Keiko Hamada.

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