On March 3, it is awarded to the lowest movie and performance of the yearGolden Raspberry Award (Lazy Award)The winners were announced. The lowest movie that won the most 4 categories is "Empire country country's geneIt was as expected by most people (^ ^)
For the Best Actor Award "The Mommy / The Cursed Desert Princess"One of the biggest stars in Hollywood,Tom CruiseHe has achieved his wish by the third nomination. This is my first time to receive personal awards (^ ^)

Tom Cruise in The Mummy (2017) / IMDb

In the announcement of the Lazy Award "38TH Razzie Award Winners!", The video titled "In Memoriam" is edited (3 minutes 25 seconds). The big producer who became the beginning of the sexual harassment that is shaking HollywoodHarvey WeinsteinOn the scene of the screening, a picture of famous actors, movie directors, comedians who are accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault from women and men since October of last year and before, and the punchy effect produced successively is. The last thing came up was President Trump.

At the end of this picture is "I am sorry really, but we do not miss you, or people like you" message. We are declaring a break with people in the whirlpool who are supposed to have sexual harassment.

38th Razzie's "In Memoriam"

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