Balkrishna Doshi (photo courtesy of VSF)

On March 7, it is said that the Nobel Prize in the architectural worldPritzker Prize, The first Indian architect Barukrushna Dosi (Balkrishna Doshi) Was chosen. It is said that the achievement which contributed to Indian society for almost 70 years was evaluated. There seems to be criticism that the award winner so far occupies more than two-thirds of architects in Europe and North America, and lacks diversity.
Three Japanese, one Chinese and one Chile have won this decade.

Mr. Doshi seems that there are no buildings that can be said to be masterpieces overseas. It seems that it is an expression of the belief that using "architecture" for public interests is handling the majority of projects in India.

Mr. Doshi who experienced "extreme poverty" in childhood is hoping that by receiving the most prestigious awards in the architecture, he can pay attention to the influence of the public housing in India .

Mr. Doshi said, "Residents of public housing have no land, no jobs" "But if the government gives a little land, I can work hard and build my own house" .

Western IndianPuneMr. Doshi (90 years old) born in the early 1950s in ParisLe CorbusierAfter working under, he returned to India and in 1956AhmedabadEstablished an office in. Since then, we have more than 100 projects in all over India.

Life In India / The Pritzker Architecture Prize

Life In India from The Pritzker Architecture Prize on Vimeo.

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