"New York has a snowy day often even after entering March", Liberty living in New York went on a blog "walking along the snow-remaining Central Park and 59th Street adjacent to the southernmost tip I have posted the video that I have done.
Mixed with the crowds in the streets, you can hear the conversation between parents and tourists, whether it is not cold or women and carriages going jogging in the shorts go and go. The current nostalgic atmosphere of New York is transmitted.

William Shaman's golden riding statue and horse-drawn carriage (taken in 1990)

I remembered by looking at Liberty's blog.Plaza HotelIt is on the north side ofWilliam ShermanStatue (en:William Tecumseh Sherman (Saint-Gaudens)) Is a picture taken in 1990. In September 1985, the dollar depreciation policy decided at the advanced 5-nation conference was based on the name of the hotel "Plaza AgreementIt is called common name.

Direction is now being added to live broadcasts and sports live broadcasts as well. Especially in television, documentary etc, I think that it is not merely that I feel aversion when I feel the directing intention while wearing nature. If you watch natural videos with no directing like this movie, your mind settles somewhere ^ ^)

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