World Happiness Report 2018

On March 14, the "Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN)" established by the United Nations and Columbia University, and the Earth Institute of the same university,World happiness report 2018We announced.

Finland, which was ranked fifth in the last year, is the leader, surpassing Norway, who ranked first. The third place and the following continues to be a large proportion of Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Australia and the top ten Nordic countries.

Happiness ranking is based on per capita gross domestic product (GDP: deep purple), social support (red color), healthy life expectancy (orange color), freedom to make life choices (yellow green) , Generosity (green),Absence and frequency of corruption(Perceptions of corruption: blue), Destopia + Residual value (Dystopia (1.85) + Residual: Light purple) are analyzed and integrated.

In the major countries (2017), the United States is 18th (14th), Germany (15th) (16th), Britain 19th (19th), France 23rd (31st), Italy 47th (48th) It is. Neighboring Korea was 57th, Russia 59th, China was 86th. Japan ranked 54th and retreated from 51st last year, and it is still the lowest in 7 advanced countries (G7).

In this year's report I also focus on the degree of happiness of immigrants. The top 10 in happiness degree also ranks 11th in the ranking of happiness of immigrants, Finland has the highest level of happiness of immigrants. "The degree of happiness of immigrants surprisingly agrees with the happiness degree of people born locally," experts point out.

World Happiness Report 2018

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