Legendary person of design Michael Bierrot (Michael Bierut) Is one of the most famous maps in the world born by coincidenceLondon Underground Line MapI will talk about. Harry Beck (Harry Beck) 'S design has become a model of a route map we can think of as a subway map today. The route map of Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Washington DC converts complex geography into a clear figure.

Beck's Underground Map of 1933 / Wikipedia

The London subway, in 1908, eight different rail lines are integrated into a single system. We need a map to show the route,Design with a route drawn on the mapIt was complicated.

29-year-old Beck was a drafting engineer in engineering and sometimes worked for the London subway. He had an important awareness. People riding the subway do not care much what the ground is like. They just want to move from the station to the station. "Where to ride? Where do you get off?" The important thing is the route, not the "geography". He simplified sprawled spaghetti.

Mr. Bierut says that the design of Harry Beck is applicable to any design. The first principle is "to focus". I will focus on who I am doing. The second principle is "simplicity". What is the shortest way to realize that need? The last third principle states that "thinking across disciplines".

Mr. Sakurada of Visual Thinking takes Harry Beck's "Route Map Design" as the essence of infographics. In addition, we introduce 'Route map of New York' as an example of reconsideration of route map and 'Classification of services acquired by Google' as an example using design concept of route map. It is easy to understand (^ ^)

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