Pacific garbage(Great Pacific Garbage Patch: GPGP) is the world's largest ocean plastic accumulation area, located between Hawaii and California.The Ocean CleanupResearchers have done the most extensive analysis in this field. According to research by the research team, we announced that plastic waste sedimented in the Pacific Ocean is up to 16 times more than what was pointed out in past investigations.

Bird surrounded by plastic / photo: Matthew Chauvin

GPGP is a place where garbage dumped in the ocean flows and where the amount of plastic garbage deposits is said to be the largest. In the conventional survey, a method of collecting sediments by collection nets has been used, but because there are variations depending on the size of the net for collection etc., there was a problem in the accuracy of the data .

In this 3-year survey, we installed 30 vessels for sediment collection and a high-performance 3D sensor capable of three-dimensional marine garbage situationAirplane (C-130 Hercules)We are conducting thorough investigation using 2 machines. As a result, the amount of plastic garbage deposited on GPGP is more than 10 kg / km 2, equivalent to about 1.6 million km 2, which is three times the French land. The amount of plastic garbage deposited is about 1.8 trillion, weighing about 80,000 tons. This is the weight of 500 jumbo jet aircraft, which is 4 to 16 times the deposit estimated in past investigation.

Within GPGP, influence on marine organisms and humans is pointed out by food chainMicro PlasticIt is understood that the level of plastic contamination including exponential increase since measurement started in the 1970s. We emphasize the urgency to deal with plastic contamination which is a wonder of the marine ecosystem.

Ocean Cleanup in the Netherlands aims to collect about half of the GPGP garbage within 5 years. We are planning to collect dozens of floating barriers drifting in the wind and currents, and to collect garbage.

Marine Plastic Removal Project (The Ocean Cleanup)

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