On 27th and 28th March, the top mirage "ice Ice" of drift ice, which is known as a poetry that tells the arrival of spring on the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, was observed. On the 28th, you can see what you clearly understand the spectroscopic color, and you can see more than one color in the virtual image near the horizontal line. It seems that when looking with the naked eye the light shook like the rainbow blurred in accordance with the movement of the atmosphere. It seems that the unusual phenomenon was able to observe about 1 hour from 8 AM to 9 AM. (Fujikawa · Shiretoko Nature Office)

Spectroscopic illusion ice / shiretokoMovie

Spectroscopic vision ice confirmed (2014)It is said that it was done since 2014. "Izu ice" occurs around the early spring as the drift ice is leaving, and it looks like "white building", "thick ice strip", "double ice strip", "ice wall", "white continent" It seems.

It seems that there are many cases where the upper end of the image that looks like a belt that looks great and powerful is aligned straight. It is a phenomenon rarely seen only when conditions are met, because it is the upper mirage caused by a warm wind blowing from the south. If you look at it for a while, the shape of the virtual image often changes, also called "ghost ice" (^ ^)

The image taken by Shiretoko Nature Office staff introduces Shiretoko wild animals and nature, such as White-tailed Eagle and Ezomon Monkey.

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