From 25th to 28th March, North Korea'sKim Jong Il- Workers' Party of Korea chairman blitz to visit China, to the fact that a meeting with Xi Jinping Jintao, the world had a major impact.
After taking office as the supreme leader, my wife's first outingLi SorucuMrs. and party vice chairman Choi Ryuumi, Ri洙 Yong, visited China with a KimuEi Akirara, we are meeting with the first foreign government leaders and 習近 TairaSo secretary and Jintao of China. Foreign policy by the first Kim Rae and his wife will also be noticed.

North Korea "Supreme leader Kim Rong-soo informally visited the People's Republic of China 2018.3.25-28 (김정은 동지 중국 비사식 방문 2018.3.25-28)" KCTV 2018/03/29 with Japanese subtitles

"It is possible to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, which is the history of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong-il's general secretary," on the condition that the US and South Korea take steps in a step-by-step manner, expressing his intention to strengthen cooperation with China did. I am referring to the US-North Korean summit meeting and also giving a message to President Trump.

In the speech of the Great Hall of the People warm as in the "real brothers, our visit proposed and readily agreed to thank the 習近 TairaSo secretary comrade and Peng Liyuan Ms. was arranged in a short period of time.'s first foreign trip destination is the capital of China thing is quite natural It is my sublime obligation to connect goodwill in the morning like an important life "" It is as pleasing as yours is that the international prestige of a brotherly neighboring country, China is rising day by day " I am talking.

Of China Xi Jinping Jintao, and hospitality at equal to or higher than that of treatment and regardless of "official state guest" is also in the informal visit. "Diplomatic strategy selected by North Korea" at the scene where deepening international isolation in nuclear and missile development, economic sanctions have been strengthened. China and North Korea are neighbors whose interests are consistent outside "nuclear".
Before the inter-Korean summit talks and the US-North Korea summit meeting, it is noteworthy that they chose to direct "international recognition of the Kim Jong-Il system" and "strengthen influence of China".

Choson Television (KCTV)Recorded movies produced by the People's Democratic Republic include a speech of the Great Hall of the People, a state of hospitality and exchange of gifts, and a state of inspecting the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Impression Although it is an operation directive, it is also an interesting image that can not be seen much.

Lee Snowman's "First Lady Diplomacy" directing soft mood has also been drawing attention.

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