It is a music video that feels the beauty of a genuine eyeshot peculiar to this age, and the skill of image composition and direction. Since I was a little girl, I am living with my unfaithful father in a drunken spirit while missing my thoughts and hopes for my mother at a poplar plantation.
Some of you also look calmly with loneliness at the same time, with love and intimacy towards your father. The title "poplar"I am depicting that they are growing so fast.


It is a wonderful music video that makes you feel sad while drawing the dignified father's affection and daughter's heart.

It was Mr. Thibault Dumoulin of Director / photographer living in Paris who produced this music video. (FR), (US), (GER) and so on.

CLÉMENT FROISSART // PEUPLERAIE from Thibault Dumoulin on Vimeo.

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