Located northwest of the Hawaiian Islands in the North PacificMidway Atoll (Island)IsBlack-footed AlbatrossAbout 3 million seabirds, including 21 species, are wildlife reserves that nest and breed.East Japan great earthquake disasterMany chicks were sacrificed by the tsunami of. About 22% of Albatross chicks hatched in 2011 are sacrificed in the study of rice, fish and wildlife bureau.Coho-boriIt is estimated that about 100,000 chicks and 2,000 birds have died.

Shirohara Mizunagidori buried in sand by the Tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Midway Island map / Wikipedia

Three islands with wild bird's nest were shaped to be protected by atolls, but a maximum of about 1.5 m tsunami pushed four times and destroyed the 'nest' and washed it to the sea.
The officials of the authorities seemed to have helped about 300 wild birds that can not move due to rock gaps and debris (rubble).

thisWhite-tailed MizunagidoriRegarding the number of damages to dig a hole and make a nest, I can not confirm the damage number, but it seems that thousands of birds may have died.

Many seabirds inhabit the Midway Islands, but many are extinct or endangered due to invasion of alien species and hunting.

Because the Tsunami reached the wide range of the Pacific in the Great East Japan Earthquake,Building damage and victims (outside Japan)It is out.

The name of "Midway" comes from the fact that it was located at the midpoint between North American continent and Eurasia Continent, but "1942 (Showa 17) June 5 from"Battle of the Midway"It is also a famous area that left many movies, novels and enormous materials.

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