On March 31, Hokkaido Shiraoi Town has conveyed the culture and history of the Ainu race "Ainu folk museum"It closed for the purpose of maintaining" Symbolic Symbolic Symbol Space ". Since its opening in April 1984, more than 14 million visited. "Ethnic Symbolic Symbolic Space" will be opened on April 24, 2020 as a base for promoting understanding of the history and culture of Ainu, inheriting the Ainu culture towards the future, and leading to the creation and development of a new Ainu culture. And aim for a million visitors a year.

Chisenkotenomi worshiped at the National Ainu Ethnic Museum Construction site (Festival Festival) 01/20, 2018 / Facebook

In 2018 it was 150 years since I named the Ezo place Hokkaido. And the name of the nomineeTakeshiro MatsuuraIt will be 200 years birthday. Mr. Takeshiro Matsuura became a pioneering judge in 1869 and named "Hokkaido" on the 15th of August (originally "Kitajima").

In addition, Mr. Takeshiro Matsuura deepened exchanges with people of Ainu through six exploration of Ezo, leaving a lot of detailed records of Ezo. Now, commemoration project of 150 years named Hokkaido,Matsuura Takeshiro Memorial HallThere is a commemoration project of birth in 200 years in Matsusaka city, Mie prefecture.

"Ethnic Symbolic Symbolic Space" functions as a national center on the revival of the Ainu culture and the creation of a new Ainu culture, and already more than 2 million foreign nationals (half of permanent residents) live in Japan It is hoped that it will be a space cooperated with the "multicultural symbiosis" promoted by the Japanese government "promotion of diversity".

Shiraoi Polo Kotan · Ainu Ethnic Museum / Facebook

"Ainu folk museum library picture library" Ms. Kawakami Matsuko (1912-1988) TraditionalHidaka (Saruwa) regionIt is a folk tale of. The animation is the Ainu picture book "Shinkansen swan's news" Ainu language (with Japanese subtitles).

Ainu Traditional Culture Restoration Ainu Shin Kayoku / Yukie Chomato

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