Documentary film that spotted "doubts" against computers and AI (artificial intelligence) "Do You Trust This Computer?"Has been published. Recently, there seem to be many people connecting personal computers with three computers, PC, laptop, smartphone, in the same cloud environment. I remember being puzzled for a moment when asked "Are you a reliable computer?" "Are you a reliable site?" The use of the human "trust" word means that the computer has exceeded mere "tools" (^ ^)

Do You Trust This Computer? / Papercut Films

The movie says "AI is starting to reconstruct all aspects of our lives: data that can not be understood is created, interpreted and fed back in the tsunami of applications, personal assistants, smart devices, targeted advertisements Almost every industry on the planet is experiencing this transformation from job automation, medical diagnosis, military operations, we will explore the promises and crisis of the new era, the evolution of AI has never been before. Will it be the final invention as we reach the era of potential? "

Director · Screenplay is Chris Payne (Chris Paine)Mr. is. Documentary film handling electric cars in 2006 "Who killed electric cars? "I wrote a director / script. A pop-up called "Do you trust this computer?" Which was displayed when connecting a smartphone to a PC several years ago gained the inspiration of a movie because it felt reflexively "NO" It is said that.

For now for a limited timeFull streaming (78 minutes) released (Vimeo)doing.

Do You Trust This Computer? / Papercut Films

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