Different color horror film which became No. 1 in the National Film Box Office from 6th to 8th AprilA · Quiet · Place(A Quiet Place) seems to be interesting. Opening box office income is expected to be about 50 million dollars (production cost 16 million dollars), and film critic and audience ratings are high. It seems like a quiet horror film that is unlikely in a recent Hollywood movie (^ ^)

Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds in A Quiet Place (2018) / IMDb

In the year 2020 of the year after the coming year, set in the United States where civilization collapsed, I draw a fear that "rogue alien responding to sound alone" attacks. There are families surviving, keeping the rule of "Do not make sounds at all". They used sign language in conversation, barefoot when walking, spreading sand on the road, living with silence. However, the fear that imagines such family attacks. Although it is a horror movie, it seems that it is a different work with the theme of "family way of being".

Director and screenplayJohn KrasinskiMr. Family's mother with starringEmily Brandt(Emily Blunt) served. They are real lives and couples, but even in this movie, they play a couple together. The role of daughter with hearing impairment is Miriddent · Simmons himself with the same obstacleMillicent Simmonds) Is playing.

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